How do you Crimp T-Tap Connectors?

May 18, 2022 1 min read

Crimping the t-tap connector is essential to finish the secure connection. The process of setting up the tap wire connection is simple.

But if you are confused about the crimping part, we can help you get through. You can read this article to find the exact point when you have to crimp your t-tap connector.

Main connector:

While you put your wire in the main connector, you’ll have to ensure that the connector is fully locked. To do this, you’ll then squeeze the tool or the crimper. Put the crimping tool over the connector after closing it and press it till you hear a click sound.

Spade Part:

The other instance your t-tap connector needs crimping is after inserting the wire into the spade part. Once you have adjusted the wire properly, you should put the crimping tool at the edge and squeeze. Pliers can serve your purpose, or you might want to use a crimping tool.

Things you should take care of:

Below are the things you should take care of when crimping the T-tap connector:

  1. Do not apply excessive pressure on the connector, as it will break.
  2. You don’t have to arrange a crimping tool just for this task. Pliers can work perfectly fine.
  3. Apply the pressure at the right point. Keeping it excessively over the edge will ruin the connector.

Summing up:

Crimping t-tap connectors is simple. You must know what wires you want to connect and must have the pliers, and that is it.