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    How does a T-Tap connector Work & How to Remove it?

    T-tap connectors can be your savior in fixing up lights, fixtures, and signs. By putting in the minimum effort, you can establish a secure connection. The benefit it brings is the main reason for discussing this connector’s working in detail here in this article.

    Working of the T-tap connector:

    Follow the step below to set up your connector:

    Step 1: Slide the wire from the open end of the connector to the dead end.

    Step 2: Once fixed, slide the other wire using the same technique, but let it stay there and not get it too close to the first wire.

    Step 3: Now crimp both the wires with a t-tap connector using pliers. It will fix the wires together with the connector.

    Step 4: Check the connection once by pulling the wires slightly. If they stay, you can cover the t-tap connector cover.

    Step 5: Use the electrical tape to seal the area where the wires get into the t-connector.

    Step 6: Your connection is now ready.

    How to remove a T-tap connector?

    Removing the t-tap connector is not difficult, but you will have to do it carefully. Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Take a needle nose to take out the metal piece, piercing the insulation. You might have to put some effort here.

    Step 2: Cut the wire from the connector.

    Pro tip:  Cut the wire as close to the connector as possible. It will leave you room to create a splice if you want to reuse the connector or even reconnect the wire.

    Step 3: Wrap an electrical tape or something stronger to cover the insulation hole.

    And you’ll have your t-connection removed.

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