How Many Pins are on a VGA Connector?

March 28, 2022 1 min read

VGA connector is one of the essentials for the provision of video output. These connectors are identified by the unique pin space available on them.

Over time, the development of new technology has made the use of VGA connectors limited, but they are still not obsolete; and are used by the manufacturers in PCs, monitors, projectors, and a variety of television sets.

The number of pins on a VGA Connector:

VGA is a 15 pin connector. But you don’t require all these pins for transmitting the output. The bare minimum to get results from this connector is 6.

Here is the breakdown of these minimum required wires: R+, G+, B+, H, V + 1-grounded wire.

Are there any problems when going with the bare minimum? You can go with the bare minimum if you don’t have any other option, but you should be expecting lower video quality in this case.

Besides, the quality of the wire is also important in determining the signal quality. So, you’ll need a 75 Ohm video to coax to get the best quality.

Summing up:

VGA Connectors might not be used, excessively now, but they still have not been completely replaced.

This 15 pin connector provides the video output in PCs and projectors. You can use this connector to resolve the video output problems in your settings.