How to connect BNC connector to Wire?

July 30, 2021 2 min read

Television, radio, and other electrical equipment utilize the BNC Connectors for bringing these pieces of equipment to life. The process of connecting the BNC Connector to the wire is explained here in this article:

What is the BNC Connector?

BNC connector provides a means for a quick connection for transmitting video signals. They are best for analog and serial digital interface video signals, radio antennas, and aerospace electronics (avionics). The connectors require crimping to get the connection through.

Wiring of a BNC Connector:

A BNC connector consists of different parts, including the main body, a center pin, and a sleeve. Apart from all these parts, you will also need a coaxial cable for the connection. Below is the step-by-step guide to help you with the wiring:

Step 1:  Put the sleeve over the coaxial cable.

Step 2: Cut 5mm of the outer insulation of the wire using the wire cutter. Mark the length with a pen. Align this mark with the cutter jaws and insert the wire in. Now apply the force on the handles and rotate the cutter to separate the outer insulation using solder wire connectors.

Step 3: Your wire will be exposed to the inner insulation. You can strip it off with a sharp knife, or you can use the wire strippers for this purpose. Be careful not to damage the inner copper wire during the process.

Step 4: Mark the outer insulation with another line approx. 15 mm and strip it off using the same process as mentioned in Step 2. If you want to skip this step, you can strip off the 20mm insulation once and then follow step 3.

Step 5: Fix the center pin from the BNC connector to the inner copper wire. Put this end in the jaws of the crimper and apply pressure till you get the center pin fully secured on the inner copper wire.

Don’t miss out on checking the crimping by pulling the centerpiece. If it detaches, your connection requires a redo. But it is fixed; you are good to move to the next step.

Step 6: Put the main body on this fixed center pin. It should get into the BNC Connector.

Step 7: The sleeve that we put over the cable in the first step should be slid over the main body now. Be sure that BNC and sleeve touch each other.

Step 8: Crimp the sleeve using a crimper so the sleeve attaches to the BNC connector properly.

Step 9: Pull the BNC connector to check the strength of the connection. If any part gets out of place, you’ll have to fix it again; otherwise, you are good to go.