How to Connect LED Light with Connector?

October 14, 2021 2 min read

LED lights are available in the strip form and can be used for lighting and ornamental purposes. Irrespective of the type of usage, you’ll have to connect them to an electric source. In establishing such a connection, the connectors can play an important role.

In this article, we’ll cover the step-by-step process for connecting your LED lights with the connector.

Process to connect LED light with the connector:

Step 1: Measure the area length where you want to fix your LED lights:

The LED lights are available in strip form, and you'll have to cut them to adjust to your setting. So you’ll need the exact measurement of the area.

Once you measure the required length of the LED strip, cut the LED lights at the measured length. While cutting your LED strip you must choose the point marked for this purpose. So, you can find the closest point on the strip based on your measurement and go for it.

Cutting without taking care of it can lead to a few of your LED lights being non-functional.

Step 2:  Find the best-LED strip connector:

You can find two types of connectors mainly used for connecting your LED, clip-over and fold-over ones.

If your LED lights are too close on the strip, you won’t be able to use the fold-over connectors because of space constraints. So, you might have to use the other one.

To find the best connector that would fit with your lights, you can look for the recommended strip connector for each LED Strip. It will solve your problem.

Step 3: Connect the LED Strips with connectors:

Insert the light strip into the connector. Irrespective of the connector used, you’ll have to insert the end part of the strip so that a connection can be formed. Be gentle with your lights and connector to avoid any damage to your connector or LED Strip.

Step 4: Align your wires:

The light strips contain letters helping you create the right alignment of your wires. In the case of four wires, you’ll see the initials of the color to make the connection easier. For a two-wire strip, a + and – sign will be available.

Step 5: Close the connector:

Once you have created the connections, now it is time to close it. Depending upon the type of connector in use, you’ll have to lock the connector with the LED Strips.

In the case of the fold-over connector, you’ll have to press down on the flap till it latches. For a slip-on connector, you’ll have a button on each side that you can press to lock.

Step 6: Switch on the power:

Now switch on the power and check if your lights are working. If they are, you have established a proper connection. But if they aren’t, you'll have to recheck the connection at every step.

By following these steps, you can connect your LED lights within a few minutes without any help.