How to Disconnect Wire Harness Connector?

October 16, 2021 1 min read

For managing DIY tasks for your motorcycle or car, you’ll come across multiple wire harness connectors.

So, you cannot manage the optimization of your vehicle without understanding the connection procedure of these harness connectors.

Let’s see how you can disconnect the wire harness.

Each harness connectors has a buckle-lock. This lock can connect and disconnect the connection. But one thing to note here is that the wire harness connectors used for each type of equipment in the car is slightly different.

Although they operate on the same principle but you’ll see a difference in the shape in each of these connectors.

Three is a small pin like structure on the harness connector.  Its size and color depends on the exact connector that you have in hand. Press it a little and apply horizontal force to disconnect the buckle from its holder and you’ll have it done.

In a few cases, the direction of force that you have to apply for disconnecting might differ. But the procedure is more or less the same.

Summing up:

You can easily disconnect these connectors and undo the electrical connection with great ease. Even the procedure connect these connectors is same as well. So, setting up the harness connectors wouldn’t be a problem for you.