What are Spade Connectors Made of?

May 22, 2022 1 min read

Like all other connectors, the spade connectors play a pivotal role in forming secure connections. Do you want to know what they are made of? Then this article can be of great help.

You’ll be excited to know that there are multiple materials used in the production of the spade connector, and it is not only the plastic that we all would have assumed about its composition.

Material used in Spade Connectors:

Below are the material used in the spade connectors:


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the polymer of plastic that forms the major part of the spade connectors. The entire body you see in different colors is made of PVC. This is why it is safe to touch, irrespective of the connection type you aim to create.


Copper is the conductor and is found on the part where your wires connect. Its presence makes the connection work.

Tin plate:

There is a tin plate present at the top of the spade connector. This material holds the wire and lets you create a secure connection with the cables.

Summing up:

All these materials are used in the formation of spade connectors. Knowing about the material used for the connectors can let you use them more safely and with ease. We hope that this article has removed any misconception that you had earlier.