SolderStick™ Push-In Terminal Block Wire Connector


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What are waterproof wire splice connectors/3 way wire connectors?

Solder seal wire connectors or waterproof wire splice connectors are double-layered tubes. It comes with a metal ring in the middle; adhesive rings attached on both sides of the tube. Besides, the connector's outer layer is a plastic construction; and shrinks upon the application of heat. 

How to use the waterproof wire splice connectors/3 way wire connectors?

Using a waterproof wire splice connector is not a difficult task. All you need to do is just slide one wire from the connector and connect it to the other end by simply twisting the naked wires. Take the solder ring, position the connector in the middle of the naked wires, and apply heat using a heat gun. The application of heat will melt the metal and solder the wires together; it will also activate the adhesive and stick it properly. 

Highlighting features:

Saves time and frustration; improved efficiency. 

It comes in a proper box of wire connection kits. 

Professional grade safety standard.

The shrinking ratio of 2:1.

This unit comes with IP68 certification. 


This unit is secured and allows you to use electrical tape to prevent the splice connections from being pulled apart. Moreover, you can also trim off the zip's excess and tie the ends with a pair of scissors. Besides, it is an inexpensive and safe way to connect an existing wire to a new wire.

SolderStick™ Push-In Terminal Block Wire Connector