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3 Easy steps for a secured connection
Step 1 : Prepare the cables

Strip wire insulation 1/3 inch on both wire ends.
Choose the right connector size for your wires

Step 2 : Position Wire into Connector
Step 3 : Apply Heat

Use a heat gun or simply a lighter to melt and
shrink the connector tubing.

Your waterproof and secured connection is now complete
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I'm doing a lot of DIY projects for my car, bike, and some home applications. Since I saw this a while ago on a project online I wanted to give a try. These are wonderful connectors with 4 different colors which will be enough for most of the projects you are doing.

These are AMAZING! They seal great using a BIC lighter. Just make sure to move the lighter back and forth never lingering in one spot for more than a second (Pretty much the same as when you're sealing any shrink tubing)

I was surprised to find that the solder ring melts very uniformly every time making it look like an expert solder weld consistently. It only takes about 4 seconds of waving the lighter flame before the solder ring melts so the whole process is much faster than expected.

The ease of use has really simplified some of the electrical projects that I was working on in my boat. Really cool idea with the solder in the connector for a VERY strong connection.

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SolderStick Heat Gun

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