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Being an electrician or working for an electrical system is not a task. While installing multiple cables at times, the identification of the cables becomes a pain. But, colored heat shrink tubing is the best to label each of the cables. You can easily make the identification of write and cables by using heat shrink tubing. 

What is colored heat shrink tubing?

Colored heat shrink tubing is a revolutionary product; that simplifies installation, maintenance, and repair. With color-coding, you can easily differentiate the wire connectors. You can also harness the multiple wire and cables, create a network and serve them as labels. This unit helps you improving the look of cables in your customary cars and motor-cycles. 

How to use colored heat shrink tubing?

Colored heat shrink tubing is the easiest way to color-code your systems by following the color schemes on the wire. For example, if you install a CCTV in your house, can you color code the audio and video wires according to colors for identifying the wires down the line. Also, in the absence of color, you can write it down to your system. 

Highlighting features:

Easy and All-in-one step solder and seal mechanism. 

It shrinks quickly and provides a long-lasting bond. 

2:1 shrink ratio polyolefin tubing. 

The connector comes with a storage box.

This unit is made out of polyolefin, flexible, and alkali resistance acid. 


Heat shrink tubing is perfect for wide application and provides a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals. It also insulates cables and wires together against heat in aircraft, military-grade vehicles, etc.; this product is an intelligent solution for HVAC technicians as it provides electrical insulation, strain relief, cable bonding, and identification.


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