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What is the spade connector?

The spade connector or also known as the spade terminal is one of the most beneficial electrical products. The HVAC technicians consider spade connectors a blessing as it allows them to disconnect the electronic objects from the circuit without any hassle. The tensile strength, heat conductivity, and resistance make this product even more robust. 

How to use the Spade Connectors?

There are no strict rules for using a spade connector. It is as good as quick crimp disconnector. They serve as a terminal blocker that blocks and helps you to quickly disconnect all kinds of electrical and electronic components and devices without any difficulty. This unit is a solution for short circuits and hard wiring that knockoff the connectors. The shape of the connectors is like a spade, and its shape allows you to set the screws in place quickly. 

Highlighting features:

Industrial level connector. 

Provide intense strength and thermal resistance. 

This unit allows us to disconnect all kinds of electronic and electrical objects. 

Excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to vibration. 


Spade connectors/thermal connectors are used in machinery, electrical equipment, home appliances, computers, cars, and other connections or fast disconnect systems. You can also use this connector in computer and peripheral equipment, including industrial-grade controllers and telecommunications equipment. 

400pcs Spade Connectors Kit