"As a seasoned electrician, this connectors have become my go-to choice. Their reliability and ease of use stand out in every project. The rock-solid crimps ensure a secure connection, and the heat-activated sealant adds a layer of durability."

SolderStick Bullet Wire Connector Kit

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Transform your wiring projects with our advanced Heat Shrink Bullet Connectors, redefining standards in quality and performance.

Simplified Connection Process: Easily connect wires without the hassle of cutting, stripping, or soldering.
Quick Disconnection: Effortlessly separate male and female bullet connectors, ideal for applications requiring frequent connections.
Premium Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials to ensure robust crimps.
Secure Crimps: Featuring double barrels for enhanced crimping strength to ensurea secure connection every time.
Optimized Current Flow: Thick copper barrels minimize voltage drop, promoting high current flow, less heat, and preventing short circuits.

Why Solderstick™

  • Achieve reliable, waterproof electrical connections
  • Say goodbye to unreliable connections in moisture or harsh conditions
  • Perfect for outdoor projects, marine applications, and automotive repairs
  • Simple and quick wire connections
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Hassle-free installation, no more messy electrical tape
  • Professional-grade results

3 Easy Steps on How to Use the Connection

Step 1


Remove wire insulation using a wire stripper.

Step 2


Use a wire crimper to secure the terminal barrel onto the stripped wire.

Step 3


Rotate the connector while applying heat

Step 4


Start making secure and durable connections in seconds.

Recommended by mechanics and DIY ENTHUSIAST

"These Heat Shrink Bullet Connectors are a game-changer for my automotive projects. The quick disconnect feature saved me so much time, and the tight fit ensures a secure connection. No more struggling with messy wiring – these connectors make everything so much easier!"

"I can't express how impressed I am with these connectors. The ease of use, especially with the heat shrink feature, makes my DIY electronics projects a breeze. The assortment of sizes in the box is a nice touch, and the 30-day warranty adds that extra layer of confidence in the product."

"Working in the marine industry demands reliability, and these connectors deliver. The corrosion-resistant materials are a lifesaver in the harsh marine environment. The strong crimps and secure connection give me peace of mind that my wiring will withstand the elements. Highly recommend for anyone in the boating world!"

Perfect For Professional Or Emergency Use



home DIY wirings

Audio Systems

Electrical Projects




Assorted Sizes

3 sizes in the box (variety to match specific wire gauges) - 250 pieces

Minimum Shrink Temperature

176°F / 80°C

Full Recovery Temperature

266°F / 130°C

Operating Temperature

-67°F to 257°F or -55°C to 125°C


Auto, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Stereo Audio AV, Underground Cables, 12 Volt Accessories

SolderStick Bullet Wire Connector Kit

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