"Was easy to use. Used these to tap into the speaker, power and ground wires of my car factory amplifier to connect a Line Output Converter. They worked perfectly."

T-Tap Wire Connectors

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Tap into any wire without needing to cut, strip or solder.

Robust Copper Contacts: Thick tinned copper contacts will not bend even when tapping into thicker wires.
Quick Splice T-Tap connectors securely lock onto wires, ensuring the plastic housing stays firmly closed after snapping on wire.
Multiple sizes with strong conductivity, rust protection, corrosion resistant, stainless steel spring buckle, strong elasticity, not easy to loosen and fall off.
Last for numerous wiring projects. Marine, automotive, scientific, home wiring projects - you name it.

4 Easy Steps on How to Use the Connection

Step 1


Put the wire in the conector

Step 2


Press the connector until it locks on the wire

Step 3


Insert the wire into the spade connector and crimp it.

Step 4


Plug the spade connector directly into the tap

Why Solderstick™

  • Achieve reliable, waterproof electrical connections
  • Say goodbye to unreliable connections in moisture or harsh conditions
  • Perfect for outdoor projects, marine applications, and automotive repairs
  • Simple and quick wire connections
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Hassle-free installation, no more messy electrical tape
  • Professional-grade results

Recommended by mechanics and DIY ENTHUSIAST

"I was pleasantly surprised by how easy these T-Tap Connectors were to use. As someone with limited experience in wiring, the streamlined application process made my project a breeze."

"Tapping into thicker wires was a concern with other products, but the thick tinned copper contacts held up exceptionally well. It's reassuring to find a product that combines simplicity with robust performance."

"What a time-saver! I appreciate the well-thought-out design of these connectors. The secure locking mechanism and precision in the male quick disconnects made my wiring tasks efficient."

Innovative T-Tap Excellence

A testament to innovation in electrical connections. Unlike ordinary T-Tap connectors, our solution simplifies the process with an unmatched level of user-friendliness. hat sets our T-Tap Connectors apart is their streamlined application, durability, and ease of use, offering a superior solution for anyone seeking reliable and efficient wire connections.

T-Tap vs. Traditional Wiring

No-Fuss Wiring: Let's Break It Down

SolderStick T-Tap Connector
Traditional Wiring
Simplified Process

No need for cutting or soldering.

Stripping, soldering, and added complexity.

Tool Requirements

No special tools, just secure with pliers.

Requires wire strippers, soldering irons, and more.


Adaptable for automotive, marine, and home projects

Demands specific techniques for different applications.

Time Efficiency

Swift, streamlined connections.


Perfect For Professional Or Emergency Use



home DIY wirings

Audio Systems

Electrical Projects


Package Includes
  • 20 x Red Connectors
  • 20 x Blue Connectors
  • 20 x Yellow Connectors
  • 20 x Red T-Tap Wire Terminals
  • 20 x Blue T-Tap Wire Terminals
  • 20 x Yellow T-Tap Wire Terminals

Nylon, Copper, Tin

Maximum Operating Temperature

221 °F

Maximum Recommended Voltage Rating

600 V

T-Tap Wire Connectors

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