"I have been wiring vehicles, trailers, motorcycles and boats for over 40 years. These are the cleanest, quickest, most secure wire splices I've used. Love them!"

SolderStick Waterproof Solder Wire Connector Kit

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Seal seamless wire connections in seconds.

Absolute game-changer for DIYers and pros
ZERO risk of overheating & damage to electronics
One-Stop Kit for ALL wire sizes and types
Weatherproof, submersible for 30 minutes under 3 feet of water
Boats, cars, home DIY, audio setups, electrical projects
Seal with lighter, heat gun, or even blow dryer

7 Reasons
Why Pros & DIYers Prefer SolderStick

  • Quick Secure Connections: Fuse wires in seconds.
  • Guaranteed Weatherproof: Endures any weather easily.
  • Easy to Use: No expertise required.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces burn and hazard risks.
  • Fits All Projects: Compatible with all wire sizes.
  • Saves Time: Finish projects faster.
  • Lasting Reliability: Seal once and don’t look back.

3 easy steps to a secure, waterproof connection

Step 1

Prep Your Cables

Select the right connector size.

Step 2

Insert Wires

Combine wires and connector.

Step 3

Heat to Seal

A heat gun or lighter finalizes the bond.

That's it!

Enjoy durable, waterproof connections effortlessly.

Real Pros Speak Out!

Soldering was always the messiest part of my projects, until I tried SolderStick. It's simple, it works, and it doesn't require a steady hand or a prayer. For someone who's into getting things done without the drama, this was a game-changer.
Mike, Hardware Engineer

Alright, picture this: me, under a car, wrestling with wires and a soldering iron that's got two settings—'cold as ice' and 'molten lava.' Then I found SolderStick. My new best friend skips the hassle, burns, and bad words. Connections are a breeze now, and I don’t miss the old iron one bit.
Gary, Car Electrician

I just finished rewiring my utility trailer with these. So easy and gratifying. I've always hated crimp type butt connectors, so I would always solder my connections and cover them with heat shrink, tedious and time consuming. These take the trouble out of all that.
Alex, Marine Technician

No Guesswork: Find the Right Size Fast.

With our color-coded tubing, picking the right connector for any job is a breeze. Just match your wire to the chart on the box—quick match, no hassle.

It's Like A Swiss Army Knife For Wires!



home DIY wirings

Audio Systems

Electrical Projects


Minimum Shrink Temperature

80°C / 176°F

Minimum Solder Melting Temperature

138°C / 280°F


Dual-walled polyolefin tubing with solder sleeve

Waterproof Rating


Cable/Wire Sizes

White : 26-24 AWG / 0.25-0.34mm²

Red : 22-16 AWG / 0.5-1.5mm²

Blue : 16-12 AWG / 1.5-2.5mm²

Yellow : 12-10 / AWG 4mm²

SolderStick Waterproof Solder Wire Connector Kit

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