How to connect RCA Connector to Speaker Wire?

October 04, 2021 1 min read

The connection between RCA connectors and the speaker wire could be one of the connections that you might often have to set up. Apart from your vehicles, these connections are also vital for the home sound system setup.

With a little effort, you can manage quick connections for your speakers with great ease. We’ll guide you through the entire process step by step here in this article.


Procedure for connecting RCA Connector to speaker wire:

Step 1: Get the RCA connector and speaker you want to connect.

Step 2: For both the connector and the speaker wire, strip off the outer coating of the wires. More than an inch of the stripping will serve the purpose.

Step 3: Within both the wires, you’ll find two internal wires, one with the positive end and the other with the negative one.

Step 4: Connect the positive wires of both the connector and the speaker by twisting the inside wires together. Do the same with the negative ends as well.

Step 5: Use Solder wire connectors or colored heat shrinking to cover the individual wires to avoid any short-circuiting.

Step 6: Connect the RCA jack with your media player, and you can hear the sound, guaranteeing the establishment of a successful connection.


Summing up:

Establishing a connection between RCA wires and speakers is simple. Just ensure consistency in the negative and positive charged wires to keep everything smooth.