"As a seasoned electrician, this connectors have become my go-to choice. Their reliability and ease of use stand out in every project. The rock-solid crimps ensure a secure connection, and the heat-activated sealant adds a layer of durability."

Tinned Copper Cable Lug

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Elevate your electrical connections with our top-tier Battery Cable Ends, meticulously crafted from 100% annealed electrolytic grade copper for unparalleled conductivity.

Premium Material for Maximum Conductivity
Efficiency-Boosting Heat Shrink Tubings
Versatile Applications
Customer-Centric Service

Why Solderstick™

  • Achieve reliable, waterproof electrical connections
  • Say goodbye to unreliable connections in moisture or harsh conditions
  • Perfect for outdoor projects, marine applications, and automotive repairs
  • Simple and quick wire connections
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Hassle-free installation, no more messy electrical tape
  • Professional-grade results

3 Easy Steps on How to Use the Connection

Step 1


Remove wire insulation using a wire stripper.

Step 2


Use a wire crimper to secure the copper lug onto the stripped wire.

Step 3


Insert the Heat Shrink Tubing

Step 4


Seal the heat shrink tubing using heat gun.

Recommended by mechanics and DIY ENTHUSIAST

"I recently upgraded to these Battery Cable Ends, and the difference is remarkable. The thick copper construction ensures solid crimps, and I no longer worry about wires pulling out. Plus, the superior conductivity means my electrical systems run smoother than ever before."

"I've tried various cable lugs in the past, but none compare to these. The heat-resistant design gives me peace of mind, especially in high-temperature environments. Installation is a breeze with the flared opening, making my DIY projects much more manageable."

"As an automotive enthusiast, I rely on quality components for my projects. These Copper Cable Lugs exceeded my expectations. The heavy-duty construction and versatile applications make them a must-have in my toolbox. And the included heat shrink tubing? It's a game-changer for ensuring secure connections."

Perfect For Professional Or Emergency Use



home DIY wirings

Audio Systems

Electrical Projects



100% Annealed Electrolytic Grade Copper


10 Eyelet copper lugs (10 PCS) + 3:1 ratio heat shrink tubing with adhesive (12 PCS).

Connector Type

Close-end; Crimp or Solder

Full Recovery Temperature

266°F / 130°C

Insulation Material


Heat-Shrink Tubing

3:1 ratio


Suitable forAutomotive, Marine, Solar Panels, DIY Electrical Projects, and More

Tinned Copper Cable Lug

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