How to Connect the Wire to the Pinhead Connector?

November 25, 2021 1 min read

Pinhead connectors have different means of connection. On one of the sides, you’ll find a series of pins soldered to a PCB either connected to a parallel or straight form. Each of the connectors has different pitches and multiple rows of pins.

Process of connecting wires to pin connectors:

Below is the complete process of connecting wires to pin connector:

  1. Insert the solder tab into breadboards. Alternatively, you can solder them directly into the pins. But, keep in consideration that excessive bending can break the wire or loosen it.
  2. Strip the end of the wire with the pliers.
  3. Now take one of the pins, and you’ll find a steel band along. Twist it, and you can separate the pins. You’ll find two separate flanges.
  4. Bend the first set of flanges over the bare copper wire.
  5. Hold the wire and the pin connectors with your thumb and forefinger.
  6. Use the pliers to create a connection.
  7. Once the flanges are bent, you can check if the pin is properly mounted to the wire. If it is, you have set up the connection correctly; if it is not secure, you’ll have to repeat the process.

Summing up:

Follow these steps, and you’ll connect your wires with the pin connector easily.