How to Connect two wires with a Connector?

May 30, 2021 2 min read

There are different ways of connecting the two wires. Some people use simple solder connectors to join wires together for temporary purposes as well. Regardless, wires should not be left unattended. 

However, simply twisting two wires together to make a connection is not a good idea at all. Below are some ways that are safe and would require a connector.



The easiest way to make a strong connection using a connector is crimping. However, you require a crimping tool by your side to make a connection with this technique.

Crimp connectors are easy to use, and they are available in several colors and sizes. Moreover, it's required to use the right size of wire to being placed inside the crimp connector. 

The wire expands during the process and contracts when there is no electricity. During the expanding and contracting, a wrong-sized wire can cause a short circuit. All you need to do is:


  • Strip the wire using a wire stripper. Make sure that you are not stripping more than ⅜ inches of the wire. 
  • Place the wires in a parallel direction and twist them in a clockwise direction. 
  • Not slide the connector over the exposed wire and make a connection. 
  • Turn on the electricity to check the quality of the connection. 

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Insulation displacement connector (IDC)

IDC or T-tap connectors contain a piece of metal that goes through the insulation and fits into the copper conductor. IDC is a professional connector—used in the professional splicing of wires. There are two holes for the wires; present on either side of the connector. All you need to do is:

Squeeze the wires with a pair of pliers and go through the metal piece to the insulation gap and make a connection. Fold the flaps and lock the connector. Turn on the electricity to test the connection. 

Wire connectors are safe and easy to use. However, you must have the right supplies present at the connection time to make a secure connection. Wire stripper and screwdriver are two primary essentials of making a connection. Moreover, it is pretty important to use the right size of the wire; read the labels on the connector to get the information about the size.