How to Crimp a Wire Connector?

July 29, 2021 2 min read

Soldering is, no doubt, an easy solution for connecting wires to the terminal, but you might not be able to manage it every time. This is where crimping a wire can ensure an easy solution.

To get a quality electrical connection, understanding the crimping process is essential. Read on to get the step-by-step process of wire crimping:

Process of crimping a wire connector:

This simple process can help you with your goal:

Buy a striper and a crimper:

Prepare properly before starting the process. Arrange a stripper to strip off the insulation before you can think of crimping.

You’ll also require a crimper. Here you have two options to consider, manual and ratchet crimper. Both can serve the purpose. But to operate the manual one, a bit of experience would be better. While using the ratchet striper, you can have a wider surface area covered. 

Just apply the pressure on the handles, and the crimper will do the rest.

One prominent thing you should be aware of is the crimper’s die size. Be sure to determine the wire gauge before you choose your crimper.

Strip your wire:

Put at least ¼ inch of the wire into the die. It usually covers the metal part of the crimp. In a few tools, you might also find color gauges. They can help you in getting to the right gauge depending upon the color type.

Twist the wire:

Once you have the wire exposed, hold it with your thumb and forefinger. Twist the tip of the wire on any side to make it firmer.

Attach it to the connector:

By now, you’ll have your wire crimpled. Insert it into the connector until it reaches the barrel. Do not extend it more than 1/4th of the barrel.


Put the terminal with the barrel facing upwards. Keeping the crimper perpendicular to the barrel, place the wire inside the gauge.

Keep the handles steady and apply force on the handles. You have your wires crimped.

What if you have a loose connection?

If your connection with the wires is loose, you can either redo the entire process or solder the connection.