How to Crimp Ring Terminal?

August 31, 2021 2 min read

Ring terminalsare an essential part of the electrical circuit when forming new connections or repairing the existing ones. This makes it important for you to understand the whole process of ring terminal crimping.

What is a ring terminal?

It is a terminal with an open space fitted over the stud. The result of this setting is a solid connection without the risk of its frequent disconnection. Instead, people use it for longevity and easy use of the connection.

Step 1: Selecting the ring terminal:

Before you continue forming the new connection, you will have to choose the right ring terminal from the insulated and non-insulated options available.

Insulated: provides multiple installation options, but the connection might not be very secure.

Non-Insulated: economical, usable in high temperatures, visible crimp point for better connection

Step 2: Strip the wire

Measure the length of insulation in the ring terminal to find the exact measurement for stripping. Now place your stripping tool at the desired distance, twist, and pull the insulation to reveal the copper wire beneath.

Step 3: Insert the wire into the terminal:

Now, you should insert the exposed copper wire into the ring terminal. Keep pushing it inside until the insulation of the ring terminal comes in contact with the wire’s insulation.

Step 4: Crimp the terminal:

Use the crimping tool to form a secure connection by placing the end of the terminal inside the crimping tool. Make sure that the casing must be inside the middle of the tool's rise. Apply pressure to ensure a connection.

Step 5: Check the connection:

To check if you have crimped the ring terminal properly, you can pull the wire slightly. If it remains inside, you might wait to add a bit more pressure so you can be sure of your connection.

Summing up:

Setting up the ring terminal connection is convenient. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll have it for your electrical circuit.