How to Disconnect Wire Harness Connectors?

May 09, 2021 1 min read

Wire harness connectors have hierarchical interconnections and networks. Moreover, connecting and disconnecting wire harness connectors is not a difficult task. 

However, people often resist disconnecting wire harness connectors. Wire harness connectors have exposed wires and irrelevant wires. But, as compared to its connection—disconnecting it easy.


Disconnecting wire harness connectors:

Disconnecting wire harness connectors is extremely easy; just follow the below steps carefully.


Step 1:

Take a pin extractor and insert it inside the connection. However, make sure that you are inserting the pin extractor over the pin that requires extractions. 

Step 2: 

Push the plunger down with gentle effort, and depress the barbs holding the pin in place. Now, grab the wire and try to pull it at the back of the pin. Pull the wire and the pin together. 

Step 3:

With the help of a wire cutter, cut the wire and remove it from the connector. But, leave some part of the wire; so it is easier to create a splice while reconnecting the wire again. 

There are times when you are clueless about wire harness connectors and their connections; as there are thousands of connectors. But, if you have knowledge and information about connectors; you can connect and reconnect just by focusing on the main connection areas. 

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