Choose the Right Wire Plug Connector and How to Fix it

May 09, 2021 2 min read

Thesolder connectors that can supply power and connect to a wire harness are known as wireharness plug connectors. People are often confused when it comes to fixing wire harness plug connectors. 

Have you ever had problems withcrimping, sliding, and twisting? Those are the common issues that almost everyone goes through while fixing the harness plug connector. 

What is a harness plug connector?

A wire harness is essentially a small and organized network of wires, terminals, and the connector runs throughout the vehicle and relays information and electric power, playing a crucial part in connecting various components. Like the circulatory and central nervous systems in the human body, power and information move through the car thanks to this network. As part of this system, wire harness plug connectors serve as a link to ensure a constant flow of data, signal, and power so your car communicates and works properly.

Choosing the right wire harness plug connector:

There areseveral connectors such as board to 

  • Wire 
  • Splice
  • 3-way, 
  • Ring terminals, and so on

Similarly, there are 2, 3, 4, and 7 pin connectors having different natures. 

You can only choose the right wire harness plug connector when you know the purpose of your purchase. 

Terminal selection is based on your application as they are either insulated or non-insulated. If you live in harsh environmental conditions; consider insulated terminals as they protect the device from moisture and extremes of temperature. 

How to fix the wire harness plug connector

The wire harness plug and connector play a crucial role in your car’s overall functionality. Its cable assembly can be bombarded and worn down by harmful things like abrasion, moisture, extreme temperatures, and dust. All of these can damage components over time and cause the wires and plug to stop working. 

Fixing the wire harness plug connector; demands an automotive plug connector orpush in terminal wire block connector. You must have some knowledge about thereplacement of plug connectors and electric connectors in general. 

  • First, you need to know whether your vehicle possesses a factory-installed trailer package. Check whether the connector is plug-and-play. 
  • Include 15 crimp terminal sets; with the help of the wire, the stripper cut all the exposed wires and leave around ¼ inch on each end. The exposed strands of the wire often cause complications and block the terminal. 
  • Detach the wiring harness from the backside, and connect it to the new terminal block connector. Once you are satisfied with the current, you can reattach the wire to the terminals. 

Each wire harness plug connector is designed for a specific function. The connector has its own set of combinations of signals; the selection of the right connectors and terminals increases the overall performance of the wire harness.

When you use theright size of wire harness plug connector; the whole fixing process gets easier.