How to Remove Plastic Wire Connectors?

November 23, 2021 1 min read

Plastic wire connectors are available in multiple shapes and types, ranging from butt connectors to ring connectors. It makes it highly likely that you’ll come across the plastic connectors in managing different connections.

So, it will be helpful to learn to remove plastic wire connectors. Here is the complete procedure:

Procedure for removing plastic wire connector:

Step 1: Inspect the connector under consideration. Most of these plastic connectors have a tab lock that fits in the plastic housing. Open the plastic case with the pair of pliers to pull the wire out of the connector.

Step 2: At the point where the wire goes into the connector, grip the wire with the thumb & forefinger in one hand and hold the connector with another to apply pressure. Usually, the wire pulls out of the connector.

But if it does not get out easily, you can use the pair of pliers close to the connectors and cut the wires. Keeping it too close to the connector will allow you to create a splice again if required.

Summing up:

This two-step process explains the removal of the plastic wire connector. Follow it precisely and get the wire connector out.