How to remove the wire from a Molex Connector?

June 27, 2021 2 min read

With the innovations in technology, human life has become much more manageable. However, there are certain things about electrical equipment that demand guidance. 

This article will be dealing with a product that is indeed beneficial. However, people know how to connect a wire from a Molex connector, but they don't understand the removal process. 

Keep on reading to learn more about Molex connectors and learn how to remove the wire from a Molex connector. 


What are Molex connectors?

Connectors manufactured by Molex company are known as Molex connectors. The connectors by Molex are used for computers and other electronic devices. 

Moreover, the connectors are durable and robust. Also, the overall insertion and removal process is easy, so people prefer getting Molex connectors. 

Molex connectors are available in thousands of shapes and sizes, but the most common pin and socket interconnect. 


How To Use Molex Connectors?

There are four independent pieces connected with a single wire that joins another wire. Moreover, a pin is directly crimped to the primary wire with the help of a crimping tool. 

Two separate crimps hold the wire's conductor, and the second one provides insulation to the wire conductor. The main is then inserted into the socket part, which is connected to the large side of the connector. 

The pin and the metal spring lock into the connector and prevent the wire from falling. However, make sure that the current is switched off while using the connector. 

The removal process of Molex Connector:

Let's learn how to remove the wire from a Molex connector. 


Step 1: First things first. Unplug the connector. If your Molex connector is connected to an electrical device, switch off the device to avoid any electrical damages. Next, firmly pull the connector to separate it. 

Step 2: Push down the pin with a screwdriver. However, if you have an extraction tool, just press down the pin through the small slot. In case of not having an extraction tool, you can also use a screwdriver. Again, be gentle to avoid damaging the connector; you can also use a paperclip for pressing down the pin. 

Step 3: Pull the wire to remove it from the pin. Gently tug the wire to separate it from the pin. Use your other hand to hold the wire connected to the pin. Slide the wire away from the connector. Make sure that you are pressing down the pin. 

Step 4: With the help of the wire cutter, make a clean cut through the base of the connector. Once you firmly hold the connector, separate the wire from the connector. 

Step 5: If you will reuse the Molex connector, push down on the pin and slide them out of the connector. Also, with the wire cutter, just cut the extra wires, and keep the connector's wires in order so that it is easier to reinstall it. 

Removing the wire from the Molex connector is not a difficult task. However, it demands a bit of attention and focus; if you want to reuse the connector for future purposes. 

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