How to use a Butt Connector?

October 17, 2021 2 min read

Butt connectors are the connectors helpful in terminating the connections or elongating the wire. There is a high probability that you’ll have to use these connectors in your daily routine. So, let’s have a look at the method of using this connector.

What are butt connectors?

Butt connectors are simple, cylindrical connectors available for crimping wires together. You can also call them “crimp connectors”. Their purpose is to provide the metallic pathway for the current to flow from one wire to another.

Process to use a butt connector:

Below is the main process of using a butt connector:

Step 1: Put the butt connector over the wire. Make sure that the metal part of the butt connector touches the metal part of the wire.

Step 2: Once the metal part touches each other, crimp the connector with pliers or crimping tools to form a connection.

Step 3: Now connect the other wire strand on the other side of the butt connector. Be careful about the positive and negative sides. Usually, connecting the copper-colored wire with the red one can do the trick.

If you are using the butt connector for termination only, then crimp the other side of the butt connector without any wire in it.

Step 4: Connect the metal part of the new wire to the butt connector. Make sure the metal parts connect on this site as well (just like the connection formed on the other end of the butt connector.

Step 5: Crimp the wire and the butt connector for securing the connection.

Step 6: Gently pull the wire to ensure that they aren’t loose and you are good to go.

Summing up:

Using a butt connector is straightforward. You can utilize it in the normal electrical setting and enjoy the elongated wires for simpler connectivity.