How to Wire a 7 Blade Trailer Connector?

June 25, 2021 2 min read

Being a technician or working on an electrical system is not easy at all. However, with the advancement in technology and innovation in connectors, it is pretty easy to hold wires together. 

But, before working with the electrical wires and solder connectors, ensure that you have a grip over the connector and know how to connect it. Also, use proper supplies and materials before inserting or removing any wires. 


What is a 7 Blade Trailer Connector?

Blade trailer connector connects the turn signals, brake lights, and other electrical wirings. Moreover, the trailer connector also tows the vehicle and other connections with a seven-blade wiring connector. 

It is more efficient than the standard connectors as it comes with more than three functions. In the field of towing setup, trailer wiring is one of the most intimidating components. Even if you are not an electrician, you can understand the process of trailer wiring by following the walk-through. 


Step by Step: Wiring a seven-blade trailer connector:


Step 1: Prepare the necessary supplies beforehand, such as a junction box, breakaway kit, and a brake controller. 

Step 2: If you are replacing an existing wire from your seven-blade trailer connector, remove the cover of the junction box. However, if you install a new wire, the box must be close enough to the wire. You can also wire the harness without the junction box. 

Step 3: Remove the nuts from the junction box stud and remove the old wiring. Now add the new wires and cut the excess wires with the help of a wire stripper. Place the terminals according to the studs of the junction box. Once you have properly placed the wires, just reinstall the nuts and cover the box. 

If you are not using the junction box, simply connect the seven-blade trailer connector to your existing wires and use a heat gun to make your connection. Then, secure the excess wires with wire clips. 

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