Complete Procedure on How to Wire a Molex Connector

December 30, 2021 3 min read

A Molex connector is a common type of connector used to power internal computer components. 

PC power cables use connectors developed by Molex Corporation to connect cables running from the power supply to various computer components. Molex connectors are generally defined by a two-piece design consisting of a male plug with a specified number of pins and a female plug with an equal number of sockets in a rectangular housing. 4 -Pin Connector

The 4-pin Molex connector is the most common PC power connector. It consists of four metal pins or sockets arranged in a row within an elongated nylon housing. This type of connector is commonly used for power fans and disk drives.


Power to a PC's motherboard is typically provided with a 24-pin Molex connector. Also known as the 24 -Pin Molex Mini -Fit Jr, this connector supplies power at multiple voltages to various components on the motherboard.

Molex Connectors are a bitunique in terms of functionality. They offer the plug and play functionality for different electronic devices. So, if you deal with electronics a lot, you’ll probably require setting these Molex connectors often.

Although the Molex 8981 connector is still used in many PCs, modern storage devices such as SSDs and SATA drives often use newer types of connectors. However, other products in the Molex family are still used in many electronic devices. Theseconnectors are not generically referred to as "Molex connectors", but have property names. Examples include the "Mini-Fit Jr." motherboard "PanelMate" connector used to power flat panel monitors.

12 Volt Connector

The +12V connector is a four-pin power connector that provides additional power for the latest processors. This connector uses 18 AWG and consists of two power wires and two COM wires. This connector is also known as the Molex 39-01-2040.

Peripheral Connector

The peripheral connector is an older standard power connector that supplies power to devices such as CPU fans or floppy drives. This cable transmits both +12 V1DC power and a +5 VDC power signal with a nominal 18 AWG. It is also known as the Molex 8981-04P.

Here’s the article presenting the complete procedure:


A Molex connector requires the following steps for connecting it properly.


  1. Strip 5mm of wire insulation using the wire cutters. While cutting the wire, you have to make sure that you don’t want to go beyond the length of the crimp zone and the power connectors.
  2. Slide the exposed copper wire in the female side of the Molex power connector.
  3. Crimp the power connector with the wire to ensure that the connector fixes with the wire properly.
  4. Repeat the same procedure with the other wire you want to connect for incorporating the male power connector.


  1. The orientation for inserting the connector housing may differ depending upon the type of connection you need to establish. Male housing and female housing orientations are the two options available.
  2. Add the male power connector to the female housing on one side and the female power connector to the male housing on the other side. Give the connection a light tuck to check if it stays in. If the power connectors get out, there must be a problem in the crimping, and you’ll have to redo the initial steps.
  3. Put both sides of the plug together to check if your Molex connectors are working properly and your connection is ready.


Molex connectors can provide a secure connection for the electrical settings. They don’t get out easily. Thus, ensuring that you would not have to face loose wires or faulty installations because of wire movements.