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    How to wire an XLR Connector?

    Do you want to repair your XLR Connector or create a new connection? You’ll need to learn about the right way to build this specific connection. Read on to know the complete procedure.

    What is the XLR connection?

    It is a 3-pin connection, circular and balanced. All the three pins of the connection are represented by the numbers i.e., 1, 2, and 3. 1 is the ground wire, whereas no 2 and 3 is the hot and cold wire. Besides, there are two main parts of this specific connection, both, with a difference to make the connection possible.

    Wiring of the XLR Connectors:

    Below is the complete process of XLR Connectors:

    Step 1: Strip the ends of a cable using the wire cutters. Take off half an inch or 2cm of rubber insulation from the outside.

    Step 2: You’ll see the thin wires. They form the internal insulation. Grab them all and twist them aside. So you get enough room to take the cloth insulation.

    Step 3: Strip the black and white wire. A quarter of an inch would be enough. You’ll see the copper wire inside.

    Step 4: Now you have to go for Tinning. Solder the internal wires using a soldering iron. For that, put the soldering material and the wire in front of the soldering iron to tin the wires.

    Step 5: Now, place the solder in a stand as it might get hot during soldering. Place the solder material in the holes of the XLR connector. A lit bit of soldering material will be enough.

    Step 6: Put the cable through the rubber housing. Solder it inside to make a connection. While connecting, remember the sequence as you’ll have to repeat it on the other side as well.

    Step 7: Crimp the rubber part to secure the wires. Screw the rubber housing by aligning it with the hole in the main part.

    Step 8: Notch it inside the main cover.

    Step 9: Repeat it with the other part as well.

    Step 10:  Use the cable tester to check the XLR connection.

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