What is a Pigtail Connector & How does it Work?

October 17, 2021 2 min read

While connecting your light fixtures, you have to connect multiple circuits to a single outlet. This could be tiresome if you don’t have the right connector to accomplish this task. This is where pigtail connectors come in handy.

Besides, you can also use these connectors to elongate the short circuit wires, thus ensuring easy connection.

What is a Pigtail connector?

A pigtail connector is a unique connector type that can be handy during repair and maintenance projects. But cannot be used as a standalone project.

It is a special cable with a connector on one end and lose wires on the other one. With this connector, you can attach two or more electrical conductors with an electric box.

How does it work?

Step 1: Take a scrap wire and use strippers to cut ¾ inch of insulation from each end of the wire,

Step 2: Loop one end of this wire around the screw terminal of the device. Make sure to wind in the clockwise direction. Needle-nose pliers can prove helpful in this regard. Make sure the entire bare wire is looped without leaving any part of it exposed.

Step 3: Connect the other bare end of the wire with the circuit wires. Even at this end, loop the bare wire fully. Suppose you attach a green grounding pigtail to an electrical box. In that case, the green grounding screw attached to the pigtail must be connected to the screw opening at the back of the electric box to complete the circuit. Attach the free end of the pigtail with the ground wires using the wire connector.

Step 4: Tug the wires to check if they are properly connected

Step 5: For an electric fixture, you can tuck all the wires back in, put it inside the wall and cover it with the main plate, and you are done.