What is a Spade Connector? How to use it?

August 31, 2021 1 min read

Fixing the daily routine electrical equipment requires the use of spade connectors. These are also essential for ensuring a secure connection. This article presents the information about the spade connectors in detail.

What is a spade connector?

Spade connectors are the special connector types that establish a circuit, which can be disconnected with ease.

The shape of the connector is similar to the fork and is known as the fork terminal.

Using this connector, you can expect higher tensile strength, thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion and vibration.

This connector is best for application when you have limited space for installation. Insulated and non-insulated variety of spade connectors is available in this connection type too.

How to use a spade connector?

The use of spade connectors is helpful in machinery and home appliances. Moreover, electrical equipment like audio, car stereo, computer parts, and industrial controllers utilize spade connectors.

You can choose the right spade connector size, depending upon the wire gauge and screw size for establishing a connection.

Process of installing Spade Connectors:

Below is the process of installing spade connectors:

Step 1: Remove the insulation from the wire. It must be long enough to form the connection properly.

Step 2: you’ll find the copper wires underneath. Twist the copper wires together.

Step 3: Now, put the striped part inside the connectors to form the connection.

Step 4: Crimp the wire and connector together. Pull the wire to check if the connection is secure.

Step 5: Your connection is ready.