What is a T-Tap Connector & How to use it?

August 31, 2021 2 min read

T-tap connectors are unique, which allows you to connect an insulated copper wire without requiring you to reveal it by stripping the insulation. In this connection type, you’ll connect the end of one wire to the middle of the other one. 

The name of this connector is because of its “T-like” Shape. However, its functionality in establishing strong connections is unmatchable. 

The identity of these connectors can be a male or a female; there is no specific type. Besides, the standard can be different; for example, F type, BNC, or N-type can be part of the connection.

Flame retardant nylon forms the insulator, whereas the element is tin-plated brass. The use of these elements makes it optimal for usage in different circumstances.

How to use it?

For newbies who aren’t aware of how to utilize the T-connector, you can get help here:

T-connector is used for establishing a connection with coax cables. The connection coming from a radio frequency power can be divided into two using these T-connectors. Additionally, their use is prominent in attaching an electronic testing device to the circuit. Moreover, they also have a role in the creation of Ethernet networks.

You can also use it in signs, fixtures, and luminaries. You’ll also see them as part of your wiring installation kits.

Why use a T-connector?

The use of a T-connector does not only bring in the benefits mentioned in the above section. But it can also be useful in situations where you expect the electrical connection to handle vibration or sudden shocks. Thus, also making it a perfect product to be used in locomotives.

Summing up:

T-connectors are special connectors with multiple usage and advantages to make the electrical connections powerful and durable.