What is an FPC Connector?

February 27, 2022 2 min read

FPC connectors are the connectors that help in establishing miniature circuiting and connections within the gadgets. If you are into such hobbies, then going for such connectors will bring in multiple benefits for you.

You can expect your FPC connector to help you with smaller centerline or pitch spacing, lower profile heights, and lighter interconnect solutions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the method to use FPC Connector:

Connecting the FPC Connectors:

One of the challenges users face when dealing with the FPC connectors is that their connector bends after soldering. Obviously, making it of no use in the circuitry. So, the key here is the equal distribution of heat when soldering. It is because of the different materials used on the same connector, i.e., plastic and metal.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Apply the flux on the connector.
  2. Now solder it using the soldering gun. You have to take your time and do it precisely as any damage to this part can ruin your entire connector and the consequent connection.
  3. You’ll start observing the shiny surface, and this is the point when you must stop.
  4. Grab the connector with tongs in the above direction.

Now, if you want to connect it back to its position, then here is the process:

  1. You have to align the connector with its place in the gadget. Apply the flux, so the soldering temperature is reached before it affects the side material.
  2. Use the soldering gun, and you’ll see the flux thinning. Within a few seconds of heat provision, your FPC Connector will be done.

Summing up:

Setting up the FPC connector is a bit technical, but with experience, you can get the connection straight even in the first attempt. So, keep trying till you make it.