300pcs SolderStick Ring/Eyelets Connector Set


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What are wire crimp connectors/ring terminals?

Wire crimp connectors/ring terminals connect two or more wires to a single connection point. In short, eyelet connectors are modern versions of circuit protection devices. However, ring/eyelet connectors provide extra grip and easy insertion of electrical wire. Also, they are environmentally sealed with proper adhesive and have a heat-shrinkable jacket. 

How to use the wire crimp connectors?

Using Wire crimp connectors/ring terminal is not a difficult task. Any layman can use it to make wire connections to screw terminals. The wire gauge's size sells ring terminals, and by using the size bolt, make the wire go through the ring. The connectors allow easy connection and disconnection of the wiring. Moreover, you can also use any bolt/nut or a screw to go through the wire. 

Highlighting features:

Proper and environmentally sealer with an adhesive

Protected by a heat-shrinkable jacket. 

Color-coded connectors for easy identification of wire gauge.

Optimum operating temperature -55 degrees C to 110.

Heat-shrinking tubing jacket allows visual inspection.


The unit has a 3:1 Heat shrink ratio, and with adhesive shrink properties of the electrical connector, this product will leave you in peace. Also, there is no possibility of the fluid getting inside the electrical connector. 

In addition to this, the copper barrel is an excellent conductor of electricity. It also comes with corrosion-resistant properties and a high-melting-point. Besides, the copper barrel will generate minimal heat while maintaining the optimal current flow with minimal voltage drop.


100 Red Wire range: 0.5~1.5mm², A.W.G.:22~18, Maximum current = 19A

100 Blue Wire range: 1.5~2.5mm², A.W.G.:16~14, Maximum current = 27A

100 Yellow Wire range: 4~6mm², A.W.G.:12~10, Maximum current = 48A

300pcs SolderStick Ring/Eyelets Connector Set