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    T-Tap Wire Connectors

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    Tap into any wire with ease using our T-Type Quick
    connection terminals!

    T-Tap Connectors are used to tap into an existing wire. Closing the quick slide connector makes a connection to the wire that can be accessed using a push-on terminal.

    T-Tap Wire Terminals allow you to tap an existing wire with another wire with ONE crimp and no additional connections.

    • No wire stripping is necessary. Simply clip part over the primary wire and close with a pair of pliers
    • No special tools are required 
    • Taps are insulated, color coded by wire size
    • All taps meet or exceed UL and SA standards



    • Simply insert both wires into the splice, squeeze down on the metal insert with pliers, and close the cap.


      • Quantity: 120 PCS
      • Material: Nylon, Copper, Tin
      • Maximum Operating Temperature: 221 °F
      • Maximum Recommended Voltage Rating: 600 V
      • Box Size: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm
      • Package Weight: 0.35 kg


      • 20 x Red Connectors
      • 20 x Blue Connectors
      • 20 x Yellow Connectors
      • 20 x Red T-Tap Wire Terminals
      • 20 x Blue T-Tap Wire Terminals
      • 20 x Yellow T-Tap Wire Terminals


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      What are T-tap wire connectors?

      T-tap wire connectors are insulation displacement connectors (IDC). This unit helps connect the existing wire with another wire and one crimp without additional connections (You should be making a connection with the wire that is already present inside). 


      How To Use T-tap Wire Connectors?

      Insulation displacement connector or IDC; is relatively easy to use. You can squeeze the connector over your existing wire by using the standard pliers. The connector penetrates the insulation and makes contact with the wire inside. 


      Besides, you can attach the second wire with a crimp on insulated male push on the terminal. Pushing it to the protruding end on the T-tap. The best part is that no wire stripping is required; just a simple clip part over the primary wire and close it with a pliers pair.


      Highlighting features:

      All the T-tap wire connectors are insulated and color-coded by the size of the wire. 

      The fixtures are of UL and SA standards. 

      No special tools are required to install the connectors. 

      Just one crimp and no additional connections. 

      Easy application that securely locks on the wire. 

      The copper contacts are durable. 


      The T-tap wire connectors are indeed lifesavers for HVAC technicians, as they are easily applied and tapped into any wire. There is no need to cut, strip, or solder. Wiretapping has never been this easier before. The thick tinned copper contacts have thicker wires, and they are not easy to bend.

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