Easy way to Wire a CAT5 Cable Connector

June 25, 2021 2 min read

Cat5e cables, or Category 5 Ethernet cables, are used to connect computers to each other, the Internet, or a network. Connecting CAT5e cablestakes less than five minutes and can be done by users of all skill levels. If you need to connect two Cat5 cables together to create a longer cable, this can be easily done as well. You must have at least two devices with Ethernet ports to connect Cat5 cables

You will find a need to wire a cat5 cable connector. However, many people do not know how to wire a cat5 cable connector, though the process is pretty simple. 

With the help of technology and new inventions in the connector, it is now relatively easy to handle everything without involving a third party. If you find the need to wire a cat5, here is a walkthrough for you, with all other necessary information. 


Ethernet LAN cable is known as cat5 or category five cable. It is a network cable consisting of four twisted copper wires terminated by an RJ-45 connector. These cables are usually used in homes and offices and provide data transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The length of a cat5 cable connector is 100 meters.


Cat5 are available in various lengths, and their cutting and crimping process is also simple. Let’s learn how to wire a cat5 cable connector. 


Step 1:First, you need to identify the amount of cable you will need. If you need it for your home network, buy any finished length from a computer store. However, if you need it for an office network, get an accurate measurement of the total length of cable you need. 

Step 2:Get the cat5 cable, RJ45 heads, wire, andcrimping tools. The RJ45 heads are made out of plastic, and they are readily available at almost all computer supply stores. Each cable requires two heads. 

Step 3:With the help of a wire cutter, cut the cable to the desired length. 

Step 4:Strip the wires about half an inch from the top outer coating. Once you start stripping the wire, you will notice eight colored-coded wires twisted into four pairs. Untwist the wires, and arrange them into proper order. The order is: green & white, green, orange and white, blue, blue and white, orange, brown and white, brown. 

Step 5:Now, gently place the category five cable ends into the RJ45 heads. 

Step 6:Carefully line up the eight wires and fit them into the plastic head. You need to insert all the wires in one go, pushing them in as far as you can. Also, the exposed wires should be in line with the eight small metal elements in the head. 

Step 7:Now, place the plastic head in the crimping tool; and carefully apply the pressure to the handle to clamp the heads down into the wires. Ensure that you are not cutting on the wires. 

Step 8:With the cable testing tool, insert both ends of your cable into the tool to check the signal.